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GIS Viewer July 1, 2015


New Web Application 

to visit our new application

Our new GIS Viewer is still a work in progress. We will be updating regularly. To make sure you have the most recent updates please make sure to clear your web-browser cache. 

For help with clearing your web-browser cache please visit this helpful page provided by UNC. HELP

We welcome you to help Test our new application and provide us with your comments or feedback. Please view our Quick Start Guide to help get you started. 

 Email:  Harnett GIS - Phone (910) 893-7523


 GIS Viewer


2012 Parcel Online Mapping Application

Online Mapping (Click to Visit)

Compatible with IE 9 and earlier; Google Chrome; and Mozilla Firefox

Helpful Information
If you are using Internet Explorer versions 9 or 10, please see the document here for recommended settings:   GIS_Portal_IE9_10_Settings.pdf

Voluntary Agricultural Districts - Friday, January 08, 2010

You may view the Voluntary Agricultural Distict Map in our Map Gallery .....   Any questions about the District or how to join up, please contact Gary Pierce at the Cooperative Extension Dept

GIS OnLine Mapping Updated - Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Address Search - Enter Street or full address, with or without City

New Subdivision Search - Search by Subdivision Name, be sure to turn on Subdivision layers under Layer Control

Agricultural Districts Layer added under LANDBASE, including 1 mile buffer layer.



Fire Hydrant 1000' Buffer - Interactive Map

This interactive map is prepared for searching by address to locate property and identify if property is within 1000 feet from a fire hydrant along road distance.  Click below.

Election Polling Place Locator

The   Election Polling Place  application helps citizens locate their election polling place and obtain information about current elected officials.   Just click on the image to begin

Welcome To Harnett County GIS Portal
The Harnett County GIS Portal for all your GIS needs in Harnett County.

  • GIS Toolbox  allows quick access to frequently used GIS tools.
  • Map Gallery - allows users to view/print  prepared pdf maps
  • Harnett County Home Page, County's Main Web Page
  • On-line Mapping - allows users to query, browse and print map documents

                  Please set your pop-up blocker  to accept pop-ups from this site.  These mapping services rely on the use of several browser windows.  When active, a pop-up blocker will prevent the mapping services from working properly.  Some map output is produced in PDF format and will require a PDF reader to view it.  Check the LINKS section for free PDF viewer software to view these documents.

 Browser compatability: The mapping website has been tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9/8/7/6 and Firefox 19.

 Please review the following DISCLAIMER.   By using this site, you acknowledge and accept the terms described therein.


The data provided on this website is prepared for the inventory of real property found within Harnett County, NC and is compiled from recorded plats, deeds, and other public records and data.  This data is for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for a true title search, property appraisal, survey, or for zoning verification.  The County makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning its accuracy and completeness and users are advised that their use of any of the data on this website is at their own risk. The County assumes no responsibility for any decision made or actions taken by the user based upon information obtained from this Web Site. The user agrees that the County shall be held harmless from all actions, claims, damages or judgments arising out of the use of County data


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