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Other Data Layers

Aerial Photography is available for purchase for $150.00, photgraphy date:  ,  Mr Sid compression file. Send request on "Contact Info" page.

Contours, Elevation Data and Flood data are available for download through the NC DOT website, click here or go to "Links page, Misc Links".

Please check this website for additions to the data layers available for download or send request to



Shape File Downloads - updated 10/19/2015
 TitleSize Description
Parcels19.43 MBDownloadparcels.shp
Roads1.34 MBDownloadroads.shp
Zoning1.71 MBDownloadzoning.shp
Fire Tax Districts510.46 KBDownloadFireTaxDist.shp
6 Mile Fire Ins 597.98 KBDownloadfire_ins_6mi.shp
Address Points2.84 MBDownloadAddrpts.shp
City151.17 KBDownloadCity.shp

Fire Department Update - 10/19/2015
 TitleSize Description
Fire Dept Update 25.20 MBDownloadparcels, roads, address points, city limits, zoning

Data Format

All data available for download is self-extracting zip files, ESRI shapefile format, North Carolina State Plane Coordinate System, NAD83, feet.

The data on this site is updated monthly, based on current changes/updates to database.

Prepared maps in PDF format are available from our Map Gallery   These maps may be downloaded for viewing, paning, and printing to your printer.  Right click on the pdf link, and choose  'save target as'.  You may print entire map or portion of map.  See our "Links" page for software for viewing PDF documents.

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